About a.dream.long.forgotten

A Journey Through the Lens

The Essence of a.dream.long.forgotten

Capturing Dreams in Focus

Unveiling the Artist's Path

Reflections of the Heart and Mind

Welcome! I'm Neil Rego, a Montreal-based photographer. Photography, initially a hobby in my twenties and thirties, has grown into a profound passion, offering solace and an avenue for expression. Now, embracing the encouragement of those who've admired my work, I'm excited to share these once-private pieces with the world.

This brand's inception stemmed from a desire to create images that echo the surreal quality of dreams. "a.dream.long.forgotten" is more than a name; it's a reflection of the mysterious, abstract world that my photographs and art seek to capture. This project represents a convergence of forgotten memories and dreamlike visions, crafted into visual narratives that are as haunting as they are beautiful, that are both vivid and ethereal.

My artistic heart lies in the realm of macro photography, exploring the minute wonders of insects and flora, captured hand-held through high magnification lenses. My approach is direct and immersive, preferring the unpredictability of natural settings to the confines of a studio. Composition is key, and I often stray from traditional rules to stir tension and allure in my images. The Lensbaby lenses I employ imbue my images with a distinct, dreamlike essence, manipulating focus to weave a story of clarity amidst blur. Whether it's through macro, architectural abstracts, or heavily self-reworked AI-generated art, every image is a deliberate act of creation, aiming to enchant and intrigue.

Despite my deep connection with photography, until the end of 2023, my journey has been largely private, with my art gracing only my personal spaces. Self-taught and driven by passion, I've honed my skills through practice and online resources. "a.dream.long.forgotten" marks a turning point, transitioning from a personal pastime to sharing my art with a broader audience, inviting others to partake in my visual journey.

Photography, for me, is a balance between scientific precision and artistic spontaneity. It's an art form that appeals to my analytical nature while allowing my emotions to colour the final image. Each photo is a memory captured, a fleeting moment made eternal. In my art, I strive to convey not just what I see, but what I feel, making each piece a heartfelt expression.